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Toyama Karate-Do began on April 26, 1969, and it was named after Hanshi Toyama Kanken, who was the Founder of our Style Shudo-Kan, in the island of Okinawa Japan. 50 years later Toyama has continued to have the same mission; which is to teach discipline, confidence, and self-defense in order to prepare them physically and mentally to lead a better way of life.

In 1991, Toyama Karate-Do branched out to Southern California, opening the first school in the United States. Toyama is the most recognized and accomplished Martial Arts Organization in Orange County, Spokane Washington, Reno Nevada, and one of the top 100 schools in the United States. Currently Toyama has more than 75 schools thruout Mexico and the United States.

Toyama's Creed

-Why do we practice Karate-Do?: For a better and stronger physical, mental, and spiritual ability.

-What are the values of Karate-Do? : Justice, Courtesy, Humbleness, Determination, Self-Respect, and Respect towards our Family, Teachers, Peers, and everyone we encounter.

-What is the meaning of Karate-Do?: "The Road of the Empty Hand" In Karate-Do we do not inflict harm with an attack, but attack with a defense to protect our life.

"It's not just kicks and punches, It's discipline"

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Hello Everyone, I hope you are all healthy and well.


Due to the recent reports of COVID-19 around the world, TOYAMA KARARE-DO USA and our team has temporarily suspended in-person training for the month of April. Once a new assessment of the COVID-19 spread has been conducted and everyone is safe to return, we will resume classes.For the time being and so that students can stay active and learning, we offer karate classes online thru Zoom and YouTube. Our program has modified our YOUTUBE channel to allow for a new class available every Monday-Wednesday-Thursday at 12pm.  This is a dynamic martial arts class for all ages.



At the same time we are also hosting a LIVE Karate/Fitness Class every Monday-Wednesday-Thursday at 12pm and 6:30 if you are a TOYAMA STUDENT on ZOOM. 

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Meeting ID: 645 278 4337


For any questions regarding our program or online classes feel free to contact us:

Sensei, Jerry Cazales

Studio: 714-795-8887

Cell: 714-474-4837




Regular Classes All Levels

M-W-Th  6:30 PM

Special Classes: